Chester Racecourse, Chester
10th & 11th November, 2017

2017 Beer List

Get your taste buds ready, here is the beer list for the 2017 Cheshire Beer Festival!

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Style Key

B=Bitter BB=Best Bitter SB=Strong Bitter G=Golden Ale M=Mild SM=Strong Mild P=Porter ST=Stout SP=Speciality Beer

# Brewery Beer Style ABV Description
1 360 Degrees
East Sussex
Session IPA BB 4.3 Full of hops from the USA and Australia, this is a deep, ruby red modern ale with fruit and floral flavours and a crisp bitterness.
2 4T's
Big Bro IPA SB 5 Intense, clean bitterness with massive amounts of citrus and grapefruit aromas from the Cascade, centennial and Chinook hops.
3 4T's
Stout ST 5 Mouth-watering, balanced and smooth. A combination of specialist malts gives Chocolaty, biscuit, burnt notes. Then the English hops break through releasing bursts of flowery tones.
4 Abbeydale
Black Mass ST 6.7 A strong black stout with complex roast flavours and a lasting bitter finish.
5 Allendale
Pennine Pale G 4 A light golden ale, brewed with a trio of American hops for a full citrus fruit flavour and a refreshing finish.
6 Ashover
Littlemore Citra G 4.1 Multi award winning, citra hopped, pale session beer. Extremely quaffable!
7 Beartown
Black Bear SM 5 Award winning dark ruby coloured strong mild ale. Subtle roast and malt flavours fill the taste, completed by a mellow sweetness.
8 Beartown
Kodiak Gold BB 4 Well balanced, straw coloured and very drinkable. With citrus fruit and hops aroma, leading to a sharp bitter, clean aftertaste.
9 Beartown
Polar Eclipse ST 4.8 A dark oaky black stout. Soft or coffee, molasses and aromas of treacle and burnt toffee. Leading to a taste full of complex flavours roasted barley.
10 Big Hand
Havok SB 5 Intense American Pale Ale with a signature brash grapefruit explosion
11 Big Hand
Polygon Wood B 3.9 Red rich malty beer is given a gentle squeeze by the 4 'Cs'; Columbus, Centennial, Chinook and Cascade. Brewed in support of the Royal British Legion.
12 Binghams
Macchiato Stout ST 5 Dark stout infused with vanilla and coffee.
13 Black Dog
North Yorkshire
Rhatas BB 4.6 A dark, rich bitter which is creamy and very smooth to the palate.
14 Blackjack
First Deal BB 4.4 Deep red beer with balanced malt and hop character. Carefully balanced malts and new world hops produce a ruby coloured ale with hints of blackcurrant, caramel and lasting bitterness.
15 Blue Bee
Reet Pale Ale G 4 Pale and hopped using a great variety of US hops with floral and citrusy flavours leading to a dry bitter finish
16 Blue Square
West Yorkshire
Morley Rocket G 3.8 A golden pale session ale, with refreshingly delicate spice notes and balanced bitterness.
17 Bollington
Best BB 4.2 A delightfully hoppy bitter. Clean & Crisp with a light golden colour and refreshing bitter after taste.
18 Bollington
Oatmill Stout ST 5 An Oatmeal Stout with a twist. Hoppiness with a hint of bitterness keeps the sweetness in check and allows for a great dark stout.
19 Brew Foundation
Free Beer (Gluten free) BB 4.4 Gluten free and finings free, hazy APA. Liberally hopped with Chinook, Simcoe and Mosaic to ensure plenty of flavour and bite.
20 Brewhouse & Kitchen
1902 Harvest Pale SB 5.5 A fresh hop beer. Brewed using a 1902 recipe from the old Northgate brewery but with fresh hops picked from a Surrey hop farm in September and brewed the same day.
21 Brewhouse & Kitchen
OOH AAH SP 5 Oktoberfest style – cask Marzen – a very clean crisp cask marzen with plenty of biscuit overtone due to the large quantities of Vienna and Munich malt. Very clean hop profile with no overbearing bitterness. Refreshing and easy to drink.
22 Brew York
North Yorkshire
Luke Piehawker P 4.4 Pecan Pie Porter. Big flavours of Pecans, Maple Syrup and Vanilla combine in a smooth easy drinking Porter.
23 Brimstage
Elderflower Wheat SP 4.1 Light and crisp elderflower infused wheat beer.
24 Brimstage
Sandpiper G 3.6 Brewed with the Citra this session beer has sublime balance and is light and refreshing with tropical fruit notes.
27 Buccaneer
Ahoy SP 4.8 A hoppy wheat beer hopped every 10 minutes of the boil for a full on flavour.
28 Campervan
Leith Juice SB 4.7 Seriously fruity session IPA loaded with orange zest and van full of West Coast American hops.
29 Chapter
Sutton Weaver
Dead Man's Fist SP 5.5 A smoked porter with black pepper.
30 Cheshire Brew Brothers
Chester Gold G 3.6 Hints of lemon and honey give way to a clean but mellow aftertaste leaving you wanting another.
31 Coach House
Cheshire Gold BB 4.1 Pale, golden beer brewed entirely with Marris Otter malt and hopped with Admiral and Green Bullet hops to impart a pine lemon crispness.
32 Coach House
Gunpowder Mild M 3.8 Very dark, with a full flavour and a slightly bitter aftertaste.
33 Coach House
Hoptober G 4.1 Light straw blonde ale, clean and crisp with spicy orange marmalade finish and lemony hop aroma.
34 Cwrw Ial
Stoat Stout ST 4.2 New stout from community brewer based near Mold
35 Cwrw Ial
The Apache Line SB 5 East Coast IPA with mango fruit flavours, smooth bitterness and powerful hop character.
36 Deva Craft
Bitter B 3.8 New traditional style bitter
37 Deva Craft
Dual IPA SB 5.6 Big, brash American India Pale Ale. Hugely hopped to give waves of powerful citrus and hop resin all backed up with a strong, complex malt backbone.
38 Dovecote
Dove From Above BB 4.2 An alluring antique gold IPA
39 Errant
Razorback Stout ST 4.7 A dark stout with a strong roasted profile and undertones of chocolate and coffee
40 First Chop
AVA (Gluten Free) B 3.5 A hoppy blonde with extra pale malt, classic Czech ‘noble' aroma and fruity Australian hops which combine to give this 3.5% session blonde bags of flavour.
41 Five Points
Brick Field Brown SB 5.4 Modern take on a traditional English brown ale. Brewed with Willamette hops and with Naked Golden Oats, this beer has notes of demerara, hazelnuts and oak wood.
42 Front Row
Pause ST 4.5 A dark, mysterious, full of flavour stout with a twist of chocolate
43 Front Row
Rucked SM 5.2 A strong ruby ale.
44 Great Heck
North Yorkshire
Black Jesus SP 6.5 Black IPA brewed with large quantities of premium American hops and special dehusked German roasted malt.
45 Hafod
Clwydian Black P 4.7 Very tasty new Welsh stout/porter with roasted coffee flavour and smooth maltiness.
46 Hambleton
North Yorkshire
Stud (Gluten Free) BB 4.3 A strongly bitter beer, with rich hop and fruit. It ends dry and spicy.
47 Happy Valley
Blackout Rum Porter SP 4.4 A Dark Full Bodied Porter with a deep, intense malty flavour and a lingering aroma of Barbadian Oak Aged Rum!
48 Happy Valley
Little Mill Town M 3.6 A traditional dark mild. Malty and full bodied made using English hops some grown on an allotment in Bollington
49 Happy Valley
Sworn Secret B 3.8 A Pale Straw coloured Ale with a low ABV, which punches well above its weight. Strong hop character provided by Hersbrucker aroma hops.
51 Heavy Industry
Forza BB 4.5 Fruity session pale ale.
52 Heavy Industry
Nos Smoked Porter P 4.5 This very dark Porter is brewed with beech-smoked malts from Bamberg and finest British pale malt. Wreathes of smoke mingle with Coffee and roast notes.
54 Howling Hops
Pale G 3.8 Fresh tasting hoppy golden beer with citrus fruit flavours
55 Joules
Moon Madness SM 4.7 Smooth, rich and rounded dark mild.
56 Lymm
Bridgewater Blond G 4 A light, refreshing English blonde ale.
57 Lymm
Heritage Trail Ale BB 4.5 A full bodied malty ale with a lasting fruity hop finish.
58 Lymm
Lymm Dam Strong Ale SB 7.2 A strong English ale, full bodied and full of flavour.
59 Magic Rock
West Yorkshire
Hat-Trick G 3.8 Modern take on a traditional pale ale. A complex and satisfyingly malty body allied to fruity US Citra and Eureka hops make for a deliciously refreshing pint.
60 Mallinsons
West Yorkshire
Pilsner Centennial G 3.8 This lager style beer uses Pilsner malt and Centennial hops, to give an aroma of zesty lemons and a huge citrusy taste and finish.
61 Manning
Gingerbread Man SP 4.2 A ruby coloured ginger ale.
62 Marble
Tuckerlovsky SB 4.7 Lemon, grapefruit, pineapple and pine resin partner with a subtle sweetness whilst a rich mouth-feel leads to a crisp finish.
63 Merlin
Dark Magic SM 4.8 Dark Magic is a deep, dark ale with a hint of ruby redness. Carefully chosen English malts and hops come together to create a beautifully balanced ale. Thirst quenching and delightful to drink. A remarkable and mysterious ale
64 Merlin
Merlin's Gold B 3.8 A delicious ale with a shining, lustrous appearance. German and American hops provide a floral, rounded citrusy flavour that is perfectly balanced – not too delicate, just delightful to drink.
65 Merlin
The Wizard G 4.2 A delicious ale with a shining, lustrous appearance. German and American hops provide a floral, rounded citrusy flavour that is perfectly balanced – not too delicate, just delightful to drink.
66 Mobberley
Concept 25 BB 4.5 A red ale, well malted with vanilla undertones.
67 Mobberley
Taking the Pith SP 4.6 A grapefruit IPA with Cascade in the boil and double dry hopped with Cascade and 7Cs.
68 Moorhouses
Black Cat M 3.4 Maris Otter malt and chocolate malt are combined with Fuggle hops for a beautifully balanced, rich ruby beer.
69 Moorhouses
Ruby Witch SM 4.6 A special dark ruby ale for Halloween that is full bodied with subtle roast flavours and hints of spice and tangerine to match the seasonal mood.
70 Northern Whisper
Blighty B 3.8 Copper coloured traditional British bitter with a perfect balance of malt and hops.
71 Northern Whisper
Yammerhouse BB 4.5 Big, bold and brash American Pale Ale sourced with some of the finest hops from across the pond.
72 Oakham
Attila SB 7.5 Fruit notes and elder flower on aroma. Taste of ripe red berries and citrus fruit, with a long, bitter, fruity finish. Dangerously drinkable!
73 Offbeat
Disfunctional IPA SP 4.8 San Diego inspired big, hoppy India Pale Ale.
74 Offbeat
Porangi NZ Pale SB 5.1 Packed with New Zealand hops for a real fruit bowl full of flavour.
75 Pictish
Mosaic BB 4.3 A pale golden coloured ale with tropical fruit flavours and a well-balanced hoppy finish.
76 Pig & Porter
Red Spider Rye SP 4.8 Red Rye beer, dry hopped in the cask with centennial and columbus hops.
77 Poynton
Darkside P 5.2 A combination of chocolate and roast barley and our own secret ingredient, plus German hops for bittering, producing a smooth and balanced dark beer.
78 Poynton
Viaduct G 4.1 A great aroma, upfront hoppy bitterness and fruity finish to this golden ale is created with two feisty classic British hops, Fuggles and Goldings
79 Red Willow
Feckless BB 4.1 A classic British bitter, rich toffee and malt balanced with the subtle flavours of Challenger, First Gold and Target hops.
80 Red Willow
Smokeless SP 5.7 A surprisingly approachable smoked porter, velvet smooth with a robust malt backbone. This is infused with Chipotles to give even more smokiness and a hint of spice.
81 Red Willow
Wreckless SB 4.8 A beautifully balanced pale ale loaded with Citra and Amarillo hops providing massive amounts of tropical fruit with a clean finish.
82 Robinsons
Old Tom SB 8.5 A dark chocolate coloured beer with a molasses and vinous fruit aroma and a rich, warming, peppery flavour.
83 Roosters
West Yorkshire
CC Rider G 4.3 This pale ale is all about Citra and Comet hops from the USA and the juicy, tropical fruit flavours they bring to the party.
84 Salopian
Sienna BB 4.4 A rich golden brown to the eye, with hints of orange blossom, mandarin and lime. Rich and opulent and ever so refreshing.
85 Saltaire
West Yorkshire
Raspberry Blonde SP 4 Refreshing blonde ale infused with a hint of raspberries.
86 Sandiway
Hop Schism G 4.1 Delicious and quite refreshing. A fruity, delectable real ale that's perfect on a warm and relaxing sunny day.
87 Sandiway
Hop Secret P 4.5 Rich, dark and delicious. A proper full bodied dark ale with a bold flavour.
88 Siren
Yu Lu SP 3.6 The infusion of tea leaf, delivers subtle bergamot orange and lemon notes, accentuated by the addition of lemon zest.
89 Spitting Feathers
Brainstorm G 4 This pale craft beer has a zesty, dry flavour and a fresh hoppy aroma.
90 Spitting Feathers
Old Wavertonian ST 4.4 A robust dark stout with roast barley, chocolate and coffee flavour and aromas.
91 Spitting Feathers
Rush Hour BB 4.5 5 different hop varieties give this pale ale a strong citrus character, bursting with grapefruit, orange and passionfruit flavours.
92 Storm
PGA SP 4.4 A truly classic German style beer using Hersbrucker hops and lager malts to create a light, delicate taste with floral hoppy overtones.
93 Storm
Red Mist P 3.9 A ruby coloured bitter with a characteristic flavour derived from a unique combination of rye and Hersbrucker hops.
94 Storm
Silk of Amnesia SB 4.7 This champion dark beer produces a rich chocolate palate with a clean bitter finish.
95 Tatton
Ruck & Maul P 4.3 A classic, smooth English porter - rich dark ruby coloured ale with undertones of coffee and molasses.
96 Tatton
VIPA SB 6.3 This 5th anniversary brew is a strong pale ale, balancing exotic fruit character with a modern British hop aroma. Brewed with British and European malts, Cheshire honey, and hopped with Bramling Cross and UK Cascade.
97 Tatton
Yeti BB 4.5 A rich fireside copper-coloured winter ale with a distinctive warming flavour and classic British hop aroma
98 Tiny Rebel
Juicy G 4.8 Immensely tropical golden ale with pungent fruit aromas and a flavour perfectly described by the name.
99 Tipsy Angel
Taipur SB 5.9 A well balanced light golden beer with southern hemisphere hops. Truly refreshing, it lingers on the palate for a long time.
100 Titanic
Cherry Dark M 4.4 Dark brown with a powerful fruity aroma. A sweet plum fruitiness gives way to a gentle bitter finish.
101 Titanic
Plum Porter P 4.9 Dark strong and well rounded. The richness is enhanced by the late addition of Goldings hops and natural plum flavouring.
102 Tring
Ridgeway Bitter BB TBC  
103 Village Brewer
Old Raby Ale SM 4.8 A full bodied, smooth dark ale with a sweet caramel aftertaste.
104 Weal Ales
Potter's Wheel SB 5.5 A strong traditional bitter. Made with various hops, has a solid malty backbone with caramel hints. A smooth, easy to drink and a very quaffable beverage.
105 Weetwood
Cheshire Cat B 4 Smooth and well-balanced with refreshing citrusy flavours. Very blonde and very easy drinking. Chester's favourite.
106 Weetwood
Eastgate BB 4.2 Brewed exclusively with whole leaf Cascade hops for a fruity foretaste and distinctly hoppy flavour. Has a long sweet finish and a very large fan base.
107 Wild Weather
Re-Animator SP 4.5 Hazy Vienna style oatmeal pale ale
108 Wincle
Burke's Special SB 5 A deeply satisfying chestnut coloured English Special Bitter. The beer is distinctly English in Character with a full malty and fruity taste.
109 Wincle
Green Hop SB 5 A deeply golden traditional IPA using just a hint of Crystal malt to supplement the Pale ale malt This brew has a complex bitterness with a fresh citrus hop flavour from the Cascade hops.
110 Windswept
Weizen   5.2 A cloudy effervescent hefeweizen bursting with bananas and caramel
  Dovecote Dove Down Under      
  Empire APA      
  Wylam Galatia      

It is worth mentioning that things can (and often do!) happen - and the beer list may change at any time!



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